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Dogs-Pets-Cats is currently looking for bloggers or others in the pet industry who would like to submit a guest post.

If you have good writing skills, are knowledgeable about dogs, cats or other pets and would like to submit a guest post, please get in touch. All submissions must be well written, contain 1000+ words, and link to at least one other related article within our blog. You are allowed to link to pet-related sites in the article or in a short bio.

Article Requirements

We welcome guest posts but your article must meet certain criteria before it will be considered for publication here. So this is what you need to check before you submit:

– Articles must be PETS RELATED in any way.
– Articles must be 100% unique and original (ie. not published anywhere else on the Internet) – this will be verified via Copyscape.
– Articles must be informative and/or educational. Include tips, trick, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions and commentary in the articles.
– Break article content into subsections wherever possible using subheadings
– Use short paragraphs (3 – 4 sentences).
– Use 3 – 4 images in the content.
– Article bodies should deliver on the promises made in the article titles.

IMPORTANT: Within your article, link to at least 1 [one] article that is already on Dogs-pets-cats.com. Choose articles that are related in some way. This helps all articles, including yours, gain more traffic over time.

How and Where to send the article

Email us at dennycrosby28@gmail.com. The article must be sent as a Google Doc file.