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When Your Cat Pees in Bed: Causes and Solutions

That a cat has her head and wants to enforce it, is well known. At the same time, she is a susceptible animal. This is true even for the right impudent axis. Mental problems due to changes or stress can cause a cat to pee in your bed. But also, physical illnesses sometimes cause this behavior. What are the causes and what can you do about them? The answers to these questions and other valuable tips can be found in the following guide.

Where does this behavior come from?

Has anything changed in the life of the stub tiger lately? If your cat pees into bed instead of going to her litter box, you should take a closer look. The possible reasons are manifold. Therefore, it cannot hurt to see a vet. He thoroughly examines the animal and helps you to analyze the situation. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the cat only go to bed or other places?
  • Is the litter box always clean?
  • Does the animal behave differently lately?
  • Does it show pain symptoms?

Physical or psychological problems can cause your cat to pee in bed. Which are precise, clarifies at the latest a visit to the veterinary practice? But one thing is sure: there is always a reason. Because the animal does not want to annoy you nor has it forgotten to go to the litter box.

Physical causes

Maybe your cat is drinking a lot and does not feel well. Diseases can make her feel insecure, so she retreats to a familiar place. In many cases, this is your bed as it smells strongly of you. Maybe your cat will not make it to the bathroom in time. Possible physical reasons include the following:

  • Increased fluid intake
  • Incontinence due to age, dementia or illness
  • bladder infection
  • urine crystals
  • kidney problems

A veterinarian can determine the exact background and treat your pet drug if the disease requires it. If the animal suffers from urinary crystals, he may recommend a feed change. If the cat is healthier, she will not go to bed soon. In winter its really create a tough situation for cats to stay in wet places. You can read our article on do cats get cold? what can you do this winter for your cat?

Changes and psychological backgrounds

Your cat is completely healthy and usually housebroken, but still pees in bed? Then she may be stressed, scared, or uncomfortable with some changes in her life. For example, she could be jealous of another animal or human family member. Removals or new furniture are also possible triggers because a cat often reacts sensitively. Usually, the cause is found quickly in such cases. While you cannot live your whole life on the animal, there are always a few things you can do to reduce its stress. Then, hopefully, your cat will not pee on the covers soon.

Root causeDescriptionRecommendations
New facilityA cat is a habit animal. She often does not agree with converted furniture, a modern sofa, or a scratching post that suddenly stands in the other corner of the room. As a result, she goes to bed because she feels closest to you there.Not all cats will react so drastically when you change your interior. Also, you can do some things to make the changes easier for the animal: Lay known blankets or pillows on the new furniture. The cat feels better when surrounded by familiar smells. You can spray a scratching post with Catnip scent. This stimulates your favorite to play and makes the device interesting.
Litter BoxIf the cat is dissatisfied with her look, she may be looking for an alternative where she feels more comfortable. Have you bought a new litter box, changed it, or changed the litter?A cat usually wants to go to the loo in familiar surroundings and with the usual smells. Also, regularly remove the feces, because a cat values ​​cleanliness.
A new animal roommateHave you got another cat, a dog, or another pet that your velvet paw does not know yet? Then she may pee on the bed because it smells of you there. She wants to make herself felt or mark her territory.Your cat needs time to get used to and get to know the new roommate. If you become aggressive and have more conflicts during this time, you can ask a knowledgeable animal trainer for help.
Changes in your lifeThe highly sensitive animal will notice when something changes in your life. Do you have a new life partner or a time-consuming job? Such and similar circumstances can make you spend less time with your cat. She notices this quickly and reacts to it.Always take time to cuddle and play with your cat, even when you are busy or stressed out. That does do not only your stubentiger but also you well.
moveStress can be triggered, for example, by a movie: a lot of turmoil, changes in the apartment and finally a whole new environment.Still, spend enough time with your pet. Besides, the cat should be able to look around in the new home in peace.

Her cat pees into bed: How can you stop her?

  1. Exclude physical illnesses or have them treated by a veterinarian
  2. Is your cat particularly nervous or anxious? Then Bach flowers may help. You can give her this homeopathic remedy if she is unclean due to stress. Although no drug interactions are known, it is best to discuss this in advance with a veterinarian.
  3. Even if sometimes it does not seem like you are an essential caregiver for your cat. She needs love, affection and pats. Take time for your baby, even if your life changes.
  4. Keep the litter box clean.
  5. Has your cat castrated? Then he usually does not mark anymore.
  6. You can also try to place the food bowl near your bed. A cat often does not want to urinate where it eats and vice versa.
  7. You should not suddenly deny your cat access to the bedroom. Maybe she’ll meow loudly or scratch the door. However, you can protect your bed with a throw. A rescue blanket crackles especially, which deters many animals.
  8. If your velvet paw continues to be dirty despite all efforts, you can contact an expert. An animal trainer or a cat psychologist can help in many cases.

Attention:  If your cat pees in bed, you should neither scold her or physically punish her or stick her nose in the puddle. Such behavior can even aggravate the situation!

The mishap happened – what now?

Cat urine stinks very persistently. Also, cats like to pee again in the same place, if you do not entirely remove the stain. How do you best go?

  1. First, you should identify all the stains. Dried small amounts of urine can often only be felt by the cat, as the smell is too weak for human noses. A black-light lamp gives you clarity when needed.
  2. Wash bed linen and sheets thoroughly in the machine. You can even use urine cleaner spray instead of od machine.
  3. Patches on the mattress can be rinsed with vinegar water, allowed to dry and then disinfectant.

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