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tricks to teach your dog

10 Simple Tricks To Teach Your Dog

The majority of dog owners will begin teaching their dog the most basic of commands, such as sit, stay, lay down and come. Yes, these commands are very important but you shouldn’t underestimate how beneficial teaching your dog other dog tricks can be.

Teaching your dog a variety of tricks will help to keep them mentally active, and create a much closer bond between both of you.

Below we’ve put together a few simple tricks to teach your dog, with a little time, enthusiasm and treats you will have them doing impressive tricks in no time.

10 Simple Tricks To Teach Your Dog

1. Shake Hands

This is the trick that just keeps on giving. This is one of the easy dog tricks to train your pet to do, as most dogs will raise a paw when they want something. To start with get your dog to sit then with a treat in your hand slowly move it down to the ground near your dog’s paw. As you dog raises up their paw say the command “shake” and give them the treat. Over time you should be able to get your dog to raise their paw higher until it reaches chest height.

2. Roll Over

This is actually one of the first tricks most dog owners like to teach their pet. Your dog should be laid down on the floor. Now take a treat and slowly move it behind your dog’s neck. You want your dog to turn their head without getting up.

As they reach back to sniff the treat in your hand you need to gently roll them over on to their side. When they do this praise them and give them the treat. As you continue practicing this trick with them remember to say “roll over” each time you begin to roll them over.

tricks to teach your dog

3. Get Them To Speak

If your dog is naturally vocal then getting them to bark when you say is pretty easy, but it may take a little longer if your dog is naturally quiet. You begin teaching your easy dog tricks like this by getting them excited. Once they are excited you need to get them to sit and wave a treat in front of their nose.

4. Get Them To Stay Quiet

This is another of those dog tricks you should be teaching your dog to do. Often when dogs get excited of course they will start to be a lot more vocal. To stop them you need to hold a treat in your hand and tell them to be “quiet” or say “hush” or “enough”. As you do this you must walk away from them. Only when they stop being vocal should you return and give them the treat you have in your hand.

tricks to teach your dog

5. Spin

You can easily get your dog to learn how to spin by holding a treat near to their nose. All you need to do is have your dog stand in front of you then very slowly with the treat in your hand hold it close to their nose. Now simply move your hand in a circular motion around the head of your dog in the direction that you would like them to spin.

6. Beg

If you’ve taught your dog to shake hands you can now actually move on to this dog trick. It may take longer for them to learn how to do this trick and you will need to be patient. Your dog should be in the sitting position and you hold a treat by their nose. Now very slowly raise the treat above their head so that they have to reach up to get it. As you do this say the word “beg”.

Keep raising the treat in your hand up until they are sitting on their hind end and their front paws are off the floor. Once they are in the begging position you can give them the treat.

7. Give A Kiss

This is another one of those easy dog tricks you can teach your best friend to learn. You simply hold a treat close to your cheek and as your dog moves into touch it add the command “give a kiss”. When the gently touch your cheek you can reward them with the treat you are holding.

tricks to teach your dog

8. Play Dead

If you have been able to teach your dog to roll over then you will find this one of our dogs tricks very easy to master as well. Once they have mastered the roll over you can move on to this trick. Using a command such as “dead” or “bang” and hold your fingers so that they look as if you are pointing a gun at your dog. They should then begin to associate the command being used to roll over and then lay still.

9. Back Up

This is another one of those easy dog tricks you can teach your best fur buddy to do. You will need quite a few treats and a bit of patience but it will be worth it. You need to walk a little distance away from your dog then start to move towards them. They should then start to take a few steps back if they do praise them and give them a treat. Repeat and remember to include the command “back up” as you walk towards them.

10. Go To Bed

This is the final one of our simple tricks to teach your dog to do. This is also very useful because you can use it when you want your dog to settle down. Begin by standing close to their bed and tempt them over to it with a treat, as you do this say the word you’ve chosen to represent the command such as “bed” or “place”. Once all four paws are on their bed get them to lie down, now praise them and give them the treat.

tricks to teach your dog

Through teaching your pet such dog tricks you will find that taking care of them will be a lot easier, as they won’t be afraid when you choose to touch them to say inspect their ears, eyes or teeth. Also should you need to give them any kind of medication or supplements they will be happier to take them.

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