10 Simple Tricks To Teach Your Dog

tricks to teach your dog

The majority of dog owners will begin teaching their dog the most basic of commands, such as sit, stay, lay down and come. Yes, these commands are very important but you shouldn’t underestimate how beneficial teaching your dog other dog …

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The Cheapest Exercise – Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog walking, a straightforward, yet useful work out for both woman and dog. In our days, one of the least expensive exercises on hand. It can take place wherever and at anytime in any weather. In London dog walking is common. It …

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Anti-Yeast Dog Food

Anti-yeast dog food

A yeast infection in dogs manifests itself differently than in humans. If the disease in a human is vaginal, anal, or oral, it may be as a skin condition in a dog or affect the animal internally. Dogs are inherently …

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