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How to Make Moving Less Stressful for Pets?

We all love new beginnings! Isn’t it? And why not it brings a lot of happiness and cheer since it is all about new destination, new social connections and new believes. Moving to a new location adds a lot to your excitement in your life but at the same time the new move can add a lot of stress not only for you but also for your beloved pets. It is a well known fact that dogs are very closely connected to their owners and studies have proved that pets like dogs take up the stress of their owners. This means if you as the owner is stressful it can add stress to your dogs too. You can easily identify this through your pets changed behaviour and body language. Hence, if we’re stressed about an upcoming house move, there are high chances your dog or your pet like cat is going to be stressed too! It is essential to manage our own stress levels if we are to keep our pets settled.

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So ideally, what can we do to make such a move less stressful for our pets and how do we deal with it?

  • As human beings we should be ready for change as it is part of life. We should accept that stress is totally normal and we should handle it calmly. If we are calm our pets would be calm too.
  • Prepare a to-do checklist and keep note of ongoing requirements and make sure to write in it everyday with respect to your personal belongings as well as your pets.
  • Keep yourself organised and give enough time to yourself i.e. get your packing done early.
  • Lend support from friends and family or professional movers nearby your location.
  • Start with just a few boxes and focus on one room at a time.
  • If you will start preparing well in advance, it will give your pets enough time to get used to the moving process. Things will start moving from their normal place and your pets will slowly and steadily get accustomed to the changes.
  • You may notice we as humans get triggered very easily. We should maintain control on our emotions as well as our behaviour. Like we are used to face and tackle a number of challenges on an everyday basis. For example: being stuck in traffic, reaching late for an appointment, meeting with some minor accident. But think of your pet stuck in one such move like this. Such incidents can add a lot of stress to them and can spread out for a longer period of time. So, start packing early to avoid any hassles.
  • Keep your pets routine as simple as possible. Do not make too many changes all together in a day so that it does not impact them.
  • Take some time off from your schedule and take your pets out for walks whenever possible.
  • Wherever your pet sleeps, eats or plays try to keep his space in the home as untouched as possible.
  • Try to keep your relationship as similar as it always has been. It’s really easy, when you’re stressed to neglect certain things. Try to allocate some time each day to play with your pet. 15-20 minutes a day of play will keep you pet cheerful.
  • If you think your pet is showing signs of stress with the upcoming move in form of excessive barking, chasing, reduced appetite. Hold on for some time and plan ahead. Let them have enough time to settle. Thinking and planning in an organized manner will give your pets chance of preparing for moving home.
  • If you think you are still unable to manage with their changed behaviour then consult your veterinarian or a qualified pet behaviorist. Your vet can also recommend few supplements, anxiety medicines, prescription diets, and calming aids.
  • We hope you will agree to this – pets like dogs are known to be adjusting but if your pet is a cat then there could be some challenges as cats are not known for their ability to change easily. You must have heard they are highly territorial and they prefer to spend their time in a familiar environment. They are quite reluctant to move towards new routines. How your cat reacts to the new environment has a lot to do with their individual temperament, but at the same time it’s your responsibility to help them deal with this situation. You can help them ease their transition process.
  • Moving boxes – Pets love to move around cardboard boxes. Take out few boxes and let them explore and play at leisure.
  • Playful activities – It’s important to maintain your pets routine during a move. That means play and cuddle with them as they’re used to. Moves are stressful for pets because of the rapid change in both environment and routine, and while you can’t do much about the former, you can actively take steps by maintaining the routines.

    During the move

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  • Once moving day arrives, your main priority is keeping your pet safe and secure. There are still things you can do to help with stress at this point. With some attention and kindness you can help make it at least a little bit easier on them. Stress can be felt throughout the body, and it can lead to upset stomach. Help reduce the chances of your pet experiencing stomach problems by cutting down their meals or providing light meals.

  • As you reach your destination and you unload the truck, keep one room completely empty and put your pet their with some food and water.
  • Stay as calm as possible, since animals are really quick at picking up on our body language – the more at ease you are, the more at ease your pets should be.
  • Make sure to put their same familiar things in the new room (food, water, toys, bed)

After the move

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Now your main objective after moving to the new location is to help your pet ease into the new home as seamlessly as possible.

  • Clean the house properly, as you know pets have a powerful sense of smell, and they can pick up on it. Deep clean and vacuum the new place.

If you still notice that our pets are not able to adjust notice after a few weeks, talk to your vet about possible solutions to make the transition easier. Show your them your care and concern and they will start adjusting.

If you feel you need any professional help you can get in touch with various moving and storage companies near your location. Just talk to them and get clarity about their policy processes and how they can help you make your move convenient. There are many professional experts in this arena like BB moving and storage in Connecticut and tri-state area. You can call them and get in touch with their experts for long as well as short distance move.

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