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dog peeing on bed

Q&A: How Do I Stop My Dog Peeing On Bed?

Question by Munch: How do I stop my dog peeing on bed?

Ok before I get all this advice “crate train her, don’t give water after such and such time, etc etc…I have crate trained her and she does sleep in a crate at night. She is a 5 mo old German Shepard and just started this today. Today AFTER I took her out she came in the bedroom and just pissed on the bed. Then 2 hours later she shit on the bed. Then my wife put her out on the runner for 8 hours and as soon as she let her in (after finishing all of the laundries). The damn dog goes in the bedroom, my wife sitting on the bed jumps on the bed pisses and then jumps off. What the hell?!?!? I don’t know why she started this today but, I do know I need to stop it before I kill this damn dog or my wife kills me for not killing the dog.

I have been reading some of the answers I forgot to put that she is fully house trained she knows not to go in the house. It’s not like she is going anywhere else…just on the bed and it just started today. But she is very smart house trained sits, shakes, lays, etc… she knows what she is doing is wrong

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Answer by MJk
lock the bedroom door i punished my dog put her in her crate…maybe you could put a garbage bag over the sheets in the daytime

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