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health benefits of owning a dog

7 Health Benefits of Owning A Dog: Want to live longer? Skip the gym! Get a dog!

Want to torch your calories? Unleash your ripped desires by unleashing your dog. There are many health benefits of owning a dog that you probably don’t know.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They give endless joy and happiness decorating the house with their fur. Dogs are excellent motivators, they will make you do things. Better, they will bully you!!

The furry little devils will make you run, jump, squat, sweat and repeat. It’s true, the best trainer has four legs and fur. So stop wasting money on exercising in a place that smells of sweat and get yourself a dog. He will teach you what real happiness is.

Not just physical health, dogs are such pure souls they will make you healthy from inside. They are clinically useful for your mental health. People suffering from emotional disorders or mental issues are advised to get an emotional support dog that will nurture you and tell you the real meaning of love.

So why dress up to impress in Gym and take those mirror selfies when you can find happiness and health seeing your furry little gumball rolling in the park with excitement.

Health Benefits of Owning A Dog: 7 Ways Dog Will Make You Healthy

1. Alarm Clock

They will be your alarm clock. They will wake you up. Oh yes, they are dangerous especially if you are lazy. They will jump on you, they will sit on you and ohh they will sweep that blanket off of you.

health benefits of owning a dog

Nothing will deter him. There is no safe word. Believe me, they are dangerous. Every time I think that he has gone and I can sleep for a bit and there he is right in front of me with those puppy dog eyes. And yes, no matter how big they get “They are always Puppies.”

2. Mental Health

The fur machines are crazy cute. They shower love and support like no other being can. They teach about humanity more than humans can comprehend. It is interesting how much they can listen what you say without understanding any words. But don’t misapprehend that they don’t get you, the language might be their weak spot but they, unlike other humans, understand the emotion in you.

health benefits of owning a dog

They have medical significance as well. If you are suffering from any mental disorder or an emotional disability you are recommended to get an emotional support animal. They are the most common emotional support animal.

3. Daily Walks

Dogs are your best exercise partners. They will take care of you alright but you too need to take care of them. This helps you breathing some fresh air and getting that all needed exercise. And try to flunk one day, he’ll start running figure eights in the house. What a crazy pup you’ll say? Well, you haven’t heard anything right now.

health benefits of owning a dog

In full honesty, they are the most beautiful souls that you’ll ever see. They form purest of connections and will teach you the meaning of unconditional love. If you don’t believe me get one for yourself and try not to smile.

4. Cardio

They are genius. They will make you do things that you won’t do in a gym. They will push you more than that irritating protein beefed up gym trainer of yours. No offense to any gym trainers, I love your muscles don’t doubt me.

Play fetch with him once and you have now landed a permanent job. But believe me, seeing his face and energy just fills that unexplainable feeling through veins that will bring that smile over your face. Oh, they are great.

5. Healthier Heart 

Oh Yes! Dog makes you less likely to have a heart attack. What is the key not to have a heart attack? Happiness, you say. Dogs are master artists in giving you the happiness you never knew you could have. It has been proved that dog owners have less blood pressure than people who don’t have dogs.

health benefits of owning a dog

Also, if you already are a patient to heart problems, dogs can be your medicine. Some studies have reflected that people with serious abnormal heart rhythms and heart attack survivors live longer if they have a dog. Just petting your dog keeps your heart healthy. They are just miracles descended on the Earth.

6. No Excuses, Sir!

They just don’t take no for an answer. They also have this acute sense when you are making excuse, they will pounce and push you to do things better than your trainer. Having a dog improves your daily physical activity drastically. They keep you active even if you just want to lay on your bed.

No that isn’t at all annoying. Yes, sometimes it is, but they do know when to push you. If you are tired they will come and cuddle with you, but when they see you are being lethargic, then yes, they don’t take up any excuses. Therefore, getting an emotional support animal will be a decision worth taking for your health and fitness.

7. Exercise Buddies

Are you a person that wants someone to exercise with? Aren’t we all a bit like this. We like companionship and who better than dogs to fill that space. They will be your best fitness partners. They are always up for a walk or jog. They will take you to parks and make sure you get those legs of yours moving.

And just the joy you have playing with them, can make you a lot healthier. All they ask is for you to give them a little time and they will make sure to keep that smile of yours on your face. Oh! They do that pretty well.

health benefits of owning a dog

So, get yourself a dog and see your life taking a turn for good. Not just fitness, there are a number of reasons you can get them for. The sheer number of benefits they provide is astounding. Smile, jump in the air of joy, roll with them on the ground, cuddle with them like a baby and make moments in your life that are ever so pleasant.

Gym dumbbells won’t help but a dog will. Yes, the gym has cute girls and boys on the treadmill but imagine meeting a guy or girl in the park. Now open the lens wider and imagine he/she also has a dog. Two couples with one arrow. I am such a cupid! Shower me with double blessings now.

Fun Challenge: Try looking into their eyes and not smile. You’ll see a whole wide world in their eyes. They just look at you with so much love. He will wag that tail and you know he is up to something. They won’t judge, they will just leave their paw-prints all over your heart. That is how my emotional support animal looks like. In addition to the above health benefits of owning a dog, they will also bring you endless love and happiness in your life.

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