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How to Give a Cat a Bath Quickly

calming pet bed

Cats are good at grooming themselves but at times, they need to maintain good hygiene of keeping its mental level clean and healthy. At a normal case, cats hate water and prefer to self-groom its fur. Managing your cat’s hygiene …

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Understanding Your Cat’s Gestures

One of the biggest mysteries in the world is the fact that we humans have beasts inside our homes in the shape of cats. We don’t understand them but we still care and love them like a family member. Their …

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Litter Box Training Your Kitten

litter box training your kitten

The majority of cats are easy to litter tray train. Most will begin to use the tray shortly after being acquainted with it. You may even find that your new kitten already knows how to use a litter pan, as kittens often …

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