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Most costly breeds of dogs

All you need to know about ost costly breeds of Dogs

Although the general trend nowadays is to adopt dogs, it is true that many people are particularly interested in a certain type of dog. While there are many benefits to adopting dogs, many people prefer buying expensive breeds because of their lifestyle and most likely their family history.

In this article, we’ll list some of the most costly breeds of dogs that continue to be really sought-out for today despite criticism. Bring it on. 

1. Saint Bernard


Saint Bernard, as you may know for the movies, is a big specimen. Standing 23 to 30 inches at the shoulder, this dog is tall and heavy as it weighs over 160 pounds. This pup is mostly known for its gentleness. 

The name of this breed stems from Bernard of Menthon, who ran a hospice on the way to Rome. Saint Bernard developed through the passage of time and was used as a rescue dog to dig up people that were under the snow. 

There are two varieties of Saint Bernard: one has long hair and another one that has short hair. Regardless of how long the hair could be, both breeds require constant brushing. This type of breed is also known as drooler and needs to be regularly exercised. Obedience training is something that should not be missed in the daily routine of these doggies. 

Price: $1,000 – $3,000

2. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a tall slight dog that measures around 27 inches and weighs 50 to 60 pounds. This type of breed tends to be very aloof and has a royal appearance. They are independent but also very affectionate, meaning there are two opposed patterns of behavior in this dog. 

This pup comes from Asia and is one of the oldest breeds on earth. In Emperor Times, it served as a hunting companion and in the early 20th century, it became an iconic dog that thrived among the British gentry. 

Price: $1,500 – $3,000

3.Cane Corso

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is another big dog on this list which stands 23 to 28 inches too and weighs over 100 pounds. The weight of this canine is really proportionate to its weight. Even though the hair of this breed is short, it sheds a lot and needs grooming regularly. When you groom it, you realize there’s always a lot of dead hair to remove. 

The Cane Corso was originated in Ancient Greece and is said to be related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. This pooch was a warrior as it would hunt boars and serve as a guardian. Despite it has short hair, its hair is thick and water-proof. In the paragraph above, it was claimed that the Cane Corso shed a lot of hair and it is true, but it sheds much less than other short-haired pups.

This breed is very active and always needs to be given something to do, thus it is recommended to walk it every day or assign it activities to keep it from the bore. 

They are really protective and calm, but equally require training to live in harmony at home. 

Price: $1,300 – $3000


4. Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel

The theories about the origins of this breed are murky but it is believed it came from the Duke of Newcastle. Independently from where it could’ve originated, it is a fact that the Clumber Spaniel is already recognized by the American Kennel Club and wins over people’s hearts thanks to its sociable temperament.  

It is neither a big nor small dog as it stands from 17 to 20 inches and weighs 85 pounds. As said before, the Clumber Spaniel tends to be a great companion since it is very sweet and frolicsome. 

Unfortunately, they shed a lot of hair too and are deemed as droolers. 

Price: $1,400 – $3,000

5. Pug

The Pug is one of the most popular breeds we see in movies nowadays. Its origins trace back to ancient China, and the Dutch brought them to the American continent centuries later. It is a specimen that has lived among the gentry and royalty. 

Pugs are very small and light; they stand 10 to 13 inches and weigh 14 to 18 pounds. They are also the type of breed that has short hair but shed very often. Additionally, these pets can get sick if their facial folds are neglected. 

Pugs are a live wire; they are always running and barking, so they require regular attention. 

Price: $1,500 – $3,000

6. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Waterdog is also a very old breed that dates back to 1297, coming from the combination among a Poodle, Kerry Blue Terrier, and Irish Water Spaniel. 

In those times, the breed helped fishermen herd fish into the net and carried couriers to other boats and ships, which makes it an excellent diver and swimmer. Today, they continue to be very hard-working and attentive. 

This doggie stands 17 to 23 inches and weighs a maximum of 60 pounds. 

Price: $2,000 – $3,000


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